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Play now!Playing Texas Holdem tournaments can be very fun and exciting, especially the No-Limit multi-table tournaments.

Before we get to some of the tips, remember when you are looking at playing in a big tournament that it will take some time so be prepared to spend hours playing. Don’t get involved if you don’t have the time. Now let’s take a look at some tips that can help you win.

#1 - Don’t slow play the big hands. If you get Aces, Kings, Queens, etc. lead out and bet. Slow playing does not work very well in a No-Limit tournament because you can easily get outdrawn. Play those big hands aggressively.

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#2 - Playing tight aggressive poker is a good strategy for tournaments, especially multi-table tourneys. You want to win the big hands and take few chances where you have marginal hands. Early in the tournament when the blinds are small you can loosen up your starting hand requirements a little bit. If it is cheap to see the flop, take the chance. You might hit a big hand and build up your stack.

#3 - Avoid getting trapped. This is a big one in No-Limit tourneys because a mistake can cost you everything. Avoid those trouble hands like weak Ace, weak King, K-10, etc. They are better off being folded.

#4 - Bluffing doesn’t work that well. You should know that in these tourneys people take more chances early on so if you are going to bluff, make it later in the tournament.

#5 - Don’t Worry About Your Stack Size. You don’t want to get too worried about the size of your stack. Anywhere near the average is fine. You have a lot of time to hit something big so don’t panic.

#6 - If you are getting short-stacked you must take chances. You can’t just let the blinds eat you away. You have to take some chances when short.

#7 - Don’t go all-in without a premium hand. You don’t want to get caught by a bigger hand and be out of the tournament. The later in the tournament it gets, the better bluffs work, and the better chances you have at taking more chances.

#8 - Don’t play tournaments unless you can afford it. Start off small, with $5 or $10 multi-table tournaments and advance slowly.


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