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Play now!It sure looks good in Texas Holdem when you are dealt ace-king. This hand seems to be very good but it is not a made hand.

Players bet ace-king like it is the greatest hand in poker but it is not. It has great potential for greatness but it also has great potential for losing money.

A Drawing Hand
Far too many players forget that ace-king is a drawing hand. You have to have help on the flop for this hand to be any good. Players will go all-in at times with ace-king and end up going broke because they didn’t pair their ace or their king. Keep in mind when you get mesmerized by ace-king that you still have to hit something for it to be a good hand.

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Suited is Better
Ace-king is a good hand but ace-king suited is a better hand. The suited ace-king gives you the added advantage of hitting a flush. The ace-king suited is powerful because it is the top end of the flush.

Raising Hand
The ace-king starting hand is a raising hand. It is not, however, a re-raising hand before the flop. You don’t want to get carried away with ace-king, which many people do, because it is not a made hand. It is a great drawing hand and that makes it worth a raise. It does not make it worth a re-raise in most situations.

If people would remember just one word when playing ace-king they would save themselves a lot of money. Ace-king is a hand with great potential. It has potential but only if gets help. We mentioned already that raising is a good idea with ace-king but we also have to remember that ace-king is not a hand to go broke with. The reason ace-king can be so dangerous is that many players think they have the nuts when they don’t. Players just don’t want to throw ace-king away. If you forget everything else about ace-king remember one thing that it is just another hand. It is potentially a great hand, but not unless it gets help. Play your ace-king aggressively but be willing to fold it if you are faced with a re-raise. Ace-king is appealing but don’t let it be your undoing.

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