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Play now!In limit Texas hold’em, far more so than in no-limit Texas hold’em, pocket 10’s are a playable hand unless good players sitting in front of you in the betting rotation’s early slots have raised or re-raised before the flop. If that happens, your tens don’t look nearly as good.


If you do take your pocket 10’s to the flop, you will likely need a “set” (three of a kind) to have a realistic shot at winning the pot. It’s highly likely that you will see overcards hit the board and if betting activity increases as a result of that, in limit hold’em you can assume someone has at least an overpair that has you beat and it’s likely to be too expensive to hang in there for the turn.

Number of Players

Another factor to take into account is the size of the game. With several players at the table, 10’s are not nearly as strong as they are in a heads up game or a game with just two other players. In a multi-way pot, you’ll need that set or a straight on the turn or river to win the pot. One of the advantages pocket tens has over other medium to small pairs is that a 10 is mandatory to make a straight.

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If you are in a middle position in the betting rotation and a couple of players before you just limp in, it is best to be conservative and do no more than call so you can see the flop cheaply. It is not necessary to overpay with your pocket 10’s to see the flop. From an early position it is best to simply call as well, and then read what the players who bet after you have by how they bet. It is prudent not to get carried away with pocket 10’s from either the early or late positions before the flop and to just let things develop while you hope to make a set on the flop without having to call raises. If you are in a late position with pocket 10’s and a player from the middle or late position before you raises, you should consider re-raising in order to drive up the price to chase the early players out, and try and set up a heads up game (one on one) or a game with just two players remaining, where your pocket 10’s are significantly more valuable.

Far too many players get carried away with pocket 10’s. They are a good hand before the flop but more often than not they are a weak hand after the flop.


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