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Play now!When you play Texas Holdem you will invariably run into players who try and steal your blinds.

In Texas Holdem, players in late position will try and bully you and force you to fold when you are in the blinds. How do you combat them and fight back?

Good players know when players are trying to steal their blinds. They have been watching their opponents and can often feel when a raise from a late position player is an attempt to steal their blinds. When you suspect a player is attempting to steal your blinds there are some things you can do.

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1. The first thing you can do to counter blind steal attempts starts right from the beginning of the game. When you first sit down you might actually help yourself in the long run by calling a raise from the blind to let players know that you cannot be pushed around. If you get the early image of someone that can’t be bullied you won’t face as many steal attempts. A lot of online poker is table image and you need to set it when you first sit down. You should be aware that players will analyze you and how you play. If you just give up when you are in the blinds they will bully you any chance they get.

2. Another good way to counter blind steal attempts is to come back at the blind stealer with a big raise. It is better if you do this when you have a hand but sometimes you have to do it even when you don’t. Even a small pocket pair is a good hand to re-raise with to protect you from the blind stealers. If you re-raise before the flop and then come out betting after the flop there is a good chance the blind stealer will fold if that is all they were doing.

3. There is a big advantage to defending your blinds and that is if you do call a raise and then hit your hand you can win a nice pot. In fact, you don’t even have to hit your hand to win as you can just fire out a bet after the flop as other players will give you credit for a good hand because you defended in the blinds.

Countering steal attempts is important when playing in the blinds. These are some things you can to do counter the blind stealing attempts that you know are coming. Keep them in mind and don’t allow other players to bully you when you are in the blinds.


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