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Play now!Many poker players today are familiar with the terms outs, pot odds, implied odds, etc.

A lot of today’s poker players believe that if they know the odds and stick to the math, they will win more than they lose. It is not true. While it is important to know the odds in Texas Holdem, poker is more than just the odds.

Cards are a Small Part
In Texas Holdem the cards are often just a small part of the game. Some really great poker players could probably beat you without ever looking at their cards. When playing online poker the inexperienced player has a better chance because the professional can’t pick up tells, but the pro can still make betting decisions that will win him a lot of pots.

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Odds Can be Overrated
Let’s look at an example of how irrelevant odds can be. There was a poker player who used one of the computer programs to analyze his hands and the odds. This seems like a good idea since the computer is supposedly going to tell you the odds, the percentages, etc. The player using the computer software was a pretty good player that held his own before using the software. This player didn’t do as well when using the computer software because he let the computer make the decisions for him. He lost his feel for the game and played strictly based on odds. Sometimes the odds don’t tell the whole story. You can’t strictly go by the odds or you will lose the feel of the poker game.

Odds are Not Enough
The big thing to keep in mind is that knowing the odds in poker is not enough. You must understand other parts of the game like position, starting hands, bluffs, raises, reading opponents, etc. So many mathematical experts run off at the mouth about pot odds and their advice does most poker players no good at all. Just remember to have a general idea of whether a call is worth it, and what can make your hand. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that when talking about the odds. Make your focus on more important things like the other players, position and your feel for the game.


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