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Play now!You probably already know the power hands in Texas Hold’em poker, but what about some hands that you want to see the flop with that can really do well for you if they hit? Let’s take a look at some hands that are weak before the flop in Texas Hold’em, but could play very well after the flop.

Sneaky Hands
Before we look at the list of hands you need to remember that these are hands that you don’t call raises or any type of big bet with. They are only hands to see the flop with, not raise with or call raises with. The hands we are talking about are 66, 55, 44, 33, 22, A6s, A5s, A4s, A3s, and A2s. You don’t want to be calling a raise with these hands because they are weak before the flop. If you can get in for a small price and hit your set or get a big draw they become powerful hands. The suited aces are powerful if you hit the flush on the flop or get a four flush draw, since you are drawing to the nut flush. You also have the potential to hit the wheel straight which is well disguised.

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Hitting a Set
The odds of hitting your set in Texas Hold’em after the flop are about 12% if you hold a pocket pair. What you want to do on these hands is limp. You want to risk small money in order to win a large pot. Many players in Texas Hold’em will throw away these hands but they are playable, if done right. They are very weak before the flop, but can become very powerful after it. For example, let’s say you are able to limp in with a pair of fours and the flop comes Ace, 4, King. Anyone that was playing an Ace is going to feel very confident and will aggressively bet this pot. You are going to continually call and take this person for a lot of money. It is very unlikely they will ever see you coming with a pair of fours. The same principle applies to any of the other small pairs.

Get in Cheaply
What you want to remember with these hands in Texas Hold’em is that they are not worthy of calling a raise. Too often you will find yourself in a bad position if you don’t hit the flop, and remember, most of the time you won’t. That is why these are good hands to play cheaply, not good hands to call raises with.


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