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Play now!Everyone likes to pull off a big bluff when playing online poker.

It is not always easy to do though and there are definitely good bluffing spots and bad bluffing spots when you play Texas Holdem. Let’s look at some online poker bluffs in Texas Holdem and the good and the bad spots for them.

Two Types of Bluffs
Bluffs can really be defined as either a semi-bluff where you have a chance to win the hand by improving or a stone cold bluff where the only chance you have to win the hand is if the other players fold. Both bluffs have their place although it is always nicer to have a semi-bluff just in case you can’t get the other players to fold.

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Good Bluffing Spots
One of the most popular spots and the most effective spots to bluff from when playing Texas Holdem is on the button. The button is the best spot at the online poker table and it is a great place to make a bluff because you get to act after everyone else. Another good place to bluff from is when it is just you and a couple of other players in the hand. Bluffs work a lot better when you only have to get one or two players to fold. Forget about trying to bluff when everyone is still in the hand as it rarely works. Another popular spot to bluff is after you have led out and bet. If you bet before the flop and missed you can still make a continuation bet and bluff at the pot. You will get respect because you raise before the flop and many times your bluff will work.

Bad Bluffing Spots
There are simply times in Texas Holdem when you shouldn’t bluff. If you are at a table with aggressive players you can pretty much forget about bluffing. They are going to call you most of the time and your bluffs are not going to work. Bluffs don’t work against maniac players very often and they rarely work against poker newbies. Players that are just learning the game won’t understand what you are doing so your bluff won’t work.

Bluffing in online poker works the best when your play is unexpected. You need to pick and choose your spots. Remember the good bluffing spots and the bad bluffing spots and choose accordingly the next time you are playing online Texas Holdem poker.


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