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Play now!One of the first things to understand when playing Texas holdem poker is the difference between being a maniac and being a good aggressive player and yes, there is a big difference. Maniacs will raise with anything and run themselves out of chips in a short amount of time while smart aggressive players will raise with poker hands but they also know when to back off and fold hands. It is the difference between being reckless and aggressive.

Intelligence Needed
The key is to know when to push and when to back off. A player that constantly mucks most of his poker hands, even drawing hands and then comes in with a huge raise is showing you he has power and aggression against that player is not warranted because he probably has a strong hand. The maniac doesn’t care and will lose his chips against a hand like aces or kings while the smart, aggressive player knows to fold. It doesn’t much to realize that a player sitting at the table that you didn’t even notice for several hands all of a sudden comes in with a huge raise is likely holding the nuts.

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Smart Pressure
You want to be aggressive at the poker table without being reckless. Some people call it smart aggression. It is more of an art than an actual science. Aggressive play can win you money when playing Texas holdem but only if it is used intelligently. What you have to remember is that people don’t like facing pressure. The most you can make the other players feel uncomfortable the better your chances will be of them making a mistake. And mistakes dictate wins and losses in poker. There are going to be times when you aggressive play runs into a strong hand and it is then that intelligence is needed.

Be That Player
Smart, aggressive poker players are the toughest to play against. They constantly put pressure on the other players at the table and at the same time they get away from situations where they could be facing strong hands. You want to be that player who is smart, aggressive and who wins money. Put the pressure on your opponents and at the same time be smart and you can start to dominate your table.


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