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Play now!The Bay 101 Shooting Star event on the World Poker Tour had quite a final table with Mike Sexton, Mike Matusow and Vikek Rajkumar. None of the three were able to come out on top though as Alan Sternberg took the $1 million dollar top prize.

Sexton Finishes Sixth
Normally when you watch a WPT event you will hear Mike Sexton calling the action but in the Bay 101 Shooting Star it was Sexton as the final table. Unfortunately for him he was not able to do much as he went out in sixth place. Viewers will hear Tony Dunst commenting when the broadcast airs later this year. Sexton started as the short stack at the final table and he was eliminated on the 27th hand of play by Mike Matusow even though Sexton had a big advantage with his K-Q against Matusow’s K-J. It would have been a double up for Sexton but Matusow hit a Jack on the river and Sexton was out in sixth place. Just a few hands later it was Casey McCarrel going out in fifth place as he lost to Steven Kelly.

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Interesting Hand
An interesting hand at the final table occurred when Sternberg started the betting followed by a Rajkumar three-bet and a Sternberg call. The flop came Ace, five, six and Sternberg checked while Rajkumar bet. Sternberg then re-raised and Rajkumar called. The turn was a Queen and Sternberg led out with a bet and Rakjumar called. Another Queen came on the river and Sternberg went all-in. Rajkumar called with four queens while Sternberg lost with his full house. Sternberg looked to be in bad shape after that hand but he didn’t quit. He won a later hand against Matusow that got him back into the chip lead and another hand off Kelly that increased his lead.

Long Four Way Battle
It took almost 100 hands before Rajkumar was eliminated in fourth place. When it got to three-handed it was very competitive and Sternberg actually lost the chip lead to Kelly. Matusow went out in third place and Kelly and Sternberg battle for the title. Sternberg took a solid lead after the first few hands and the final hand came when Sternberg’s 10-8 was able to come from behind to beat Kelly’s A-Q. The flop was Q-8-7 and the turn was another 7 before the 8 hit on the river to give Sternberg his two outer and the title.

Final Table Results
1. Alan Sternberg ($1,039,000)
2. Steven Kelly ($595,300)
3. Mike Matusow ($369,800)
4. Vivek Rajkumar ($295,800)
5. Casey McCarrel ($221,800)
6. Mike Sexton ($148,000)


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