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Play now!  Pittsburgh Casinos are breading theft. The month of December saw two Poker dealing vandals caught and exposed for pocketing chips off the tables. Two thefts in only one month. The first Poker dealing thief was Sean Savinell, 40, of Steubenville, Ohio, he was charged with stealing a five-hundred dollar chip from the Meadows Casino in North Strabane Township. The second, and most recent was a poker dealer at the Rivers Casino in Pennsylvania. Matthew Eisenberg was charged with stealing over $500 dollars from several poker games that he had dealt. Eisenberg, a 25 year old poker dealer, was caught when the casino noticed that his pots had been coming up light over the past few days. Apparently he slowly slipped one and five-dollar chips from the pot with his right hand. He would slip them into the muck. Here’s how it went down: After pushing the remaining pot to the winner at the end of each hand, he would collect the cards from the table, he would condense all of the cards to get ready for the next round and very discreetly knocking the extra chip into his tip box and the players never noticed. After all of his secret chip snatching, which was allegedly 108 times, he racked in a total of five-hundred and one dollars in chips.

The Rivers Casino did not notice at first, but they did start to catch on when they noticed that his daily tips increased significantly. One day he received under two-hundred dollars, while the next he received over five-hundred dollars. With that the casino decided to start chiecking the tapes from Eisenberg’s tables. And thus it is the end of Eisenberg’s poker dealing career. What a way to end 2010. The police have officially charged Matthew Eisneberg with the theft and it’s safe to say his table days are over.

Another recent and much bigger poker theft happened recently in Las Vegas, earlier in December. In a Hollywoodesque robbery at the Bellagio hotel and casino and desparate man brandished a weapon. This man allegedly stole a whopping $1.5 million dollars in chis from the Bellagio, at gunpoint!


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