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Play now!It is always nice to have top pair in Texas Holdem but it does not guarantee you will win the pot.

There are going to be times when top pair doesn’t win. How should you play top pair in Texas Holdem? What do you need to remember and what could happen?

Bet Aggressively
The first thing to do when you have top pair in Texas Holdem is to bet aggressively. You don’t want people hanging around with drawing hands staying in. You want to drive those garbage hands out and at the same time find out where you are at in the hand. If you bet aggressively with your top pair and then get raised you could be in trouble. You are probably facing a big hand and would need to proceed with caution. The aggressive bet gives you and idea of whether or not your top pair is good and makes anyone with a drawing hand pay a price to stay in. Many times you will win the pot immediately with an aggressive bet after the flop. This aggressive bet also applies preflop if you happen to have a pair of aces, kings, queens, jacks, or tens. Even small pairs can be bet aggressively if you are disciplined enough to get away from them if you don’t hit the flop.

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What You Want
When you bet top pair in Texas Holdem you want to win the pot right away. If that doesn’t happen then you should have an idea of where you are at in the hand. Betting is always better than calling when you have top pair because it puts pressure on your opponents. Top pair is a good hand but it is not a guaranteed hand. Far too many players think it is.

Win Small Pots
If you have top pair then most of the time you want to be winning small pots. Sure, there will be a rare occasion where you have aces and the other player has kings but more often than not you want to be taking down small pots with top pair. You don’t want to get trapped into losing a big pot because you screwed around with top pair. Top pair is not a hand that you want to be calling big raises with and it is not a hand to just call with and let drawing hands stay in. Keep that in mind then next time you have top pair in Texas Holdem.


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