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Play now!When you play a rebuy tournament you really need to have a different strategy than for a non-rebuy tournament.

In a rebuy Texas Holdem tournament there are going to be players taking more chances, playing more hands and going all-in. You must be ready for that and have a strategy in place to deal with it.

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Wild Early Play
In the early part of a rebuy poker tournament you are going to see some things you don’t see very often in a regular poker tournament. In a rebuy tournament there is a certain level when the rebuy period ends. Before that level occurs you are going to face a lot of loose action. Even good poker players will take a lot more chances during the rebuy period because they want to accumulate chips and bad players are likely to go all-in at any moment. What you will find during the early levels is that a lot of normal poker strategy goes right out the window. Players are going to go all-in without premium hands. You really have to adjust your poker strategy in rebuy tournaments or you are going to have problems.

Two Choices
You really have two basic choices in terms of strategy for a rebuy tournament. You can be like the maniacs and try to accumulate chips knowing that you can rebuy if you lose. That is an option but only if you have the money to rebuy. If you don’t want to commit money to a rebuy then your other option is to play tight but aggressive. You can’t just sit back and play a normal strategy in a rebuy or you will be too far behind when the rebuy levels are over. You have to be willing to risk your chips but you can do so only with premium hands. You have to be really careful about mixing it up with players without a quality hand because you will be facing a lot more all-in bets.

You can try and play tight in a rebuy tournament but your work is going to be cut out for you. The goal in a rebuy tournament is to accumulate chips in the early levels so you have power when the rebuy levels are over. Usually in these tournaments there are a group of players who have big stacks because they took a lot of chances and won races. It is very tough to beat these players if you just sit back and play a normal strategy. You can try it but you are going to need to catch a lot of cards and a lot of luck.


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