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Play now!Have you ever tried playing multiple tables in online poker? Almost all poker sites let you play multiple games at the same time.

This can increase the excitement in online poker and it can also make you more money. Let’s look at some things to keep in mind when playing multiple tables.

There are some things you can do when playing multiple tables. Your first choice is the most basic and that is to just switch back and forth between the two tables by just clicking back and forth with your mouse. This works, but it does get annoying. The next choice is to minimize each of the two poker tables and set them up side by side on your screen. This is better, but again it can be somewhat annoying unless you have a very good monitor. The third choice is the best option but it requires you to have multiple monitors. If you are serious about playing multiple tables then you really should look at getting another monitor. When you have two monitors you can easily play two games with no problem at all. Many professional poker players use more than two screens. Some of them have three or four screens and are playing a lot of poker games at the same time.

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The big reason to play more games is that you have more action and more chances to win. If you are a good player then that is great news. There is a downside though and that is when things are not going well you can lose a lot more money. You also have to be careful about not hitting the wrong key as the games can really get going fast and you may not be paying attention. If you raise when you wanted to fold or vice versa you would be upset with yourself. It is also tough to keep track of your opponents if you are playing too many games at the same time although poker software does help in that regard.

Playing multiple tables is great but you have to pay attention. Some great players can handle more than one table but for other people it is tough. If you are going to play multiple tables you should be well prepared and focused on everything. Your attention can easily be diverted when playing online poker and when playing multiple tables you can’t afford for that to happen.


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