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Play now!You are going to be in early position every single day that you play Texas Holdem. How do you play from early position?

If you want to keep it as simple as possible then only play from early position with aces or kings and fold everything else. Most people won’t do and that is why most players lose when playing from early position.

Position is Everything
Position is critical in Texas Holdem and early position is the most dangerous place to be. If you get involved in a hand from early position you will be leading the way with everyone still to act behind you. You have no power or foresight from early position. That is why we said earlier that aces or kings are your only safe hands to play from early position. Other people will say that playing queens, jacks, 10’s and AK are also playable from early position in Texas Holdem but far too many players mess these hands up in early position.

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Power Hands
Early position demands that you have the cards because you can’t make many plays with everyone still to act behind you. If your starting hand is good, then you want to raise the pot to drive other players out. There are really no hands that you want to limp in with from early position. If it is worth playing then it is worth raising. Remember that you are better off only playing power hands from early position.

Marginal Hands
Let’s briefly look at what could happen if you play marginal hands from early position. Yes, you might occasionally hit a big hand but for every one that you hit there will be far more that you don’t and it is these hands that cost you money. For example, let’s say you limp in from early position with a K-10. The flop comes 7-K-2. You have top pair and that looks good but your 10 is a weak kicker and you could be in all kinds of trouble. Many players will bet this hand and get crushed on the river because of the weak kicker. You may win a few pots with this type of hand, but there will be a few bigger pots that will crush you. Don’t play marginal hands from early position. Remember what we said about aces and kings? Play only those two hands from early position and you will save yourself money when playing Texas Holdem.


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