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Play now!Hands that are connected can be excellent hands to play in Texas Holdem but there are some things to remember. The connectors that are higher are obviously better than lower ranked cards and connectors are not made hands. They are hands that can pay big but only if you hit them. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Connectors are better off if they are suited as you not only have the ability to hit a straight but also a flush. Connectors are also better if you are drawing to the high end of the straight. For example if you have pocked hand of 2-4, and the flop comes ace-3-5 you have a straight but someone else could be holding a 4-6 and have you beat or they could just be holding the six and drawing to the bigger straight. Medium connectors have some value while higher ranked connectors are even better. A hand of 10-9 is a good one because you can end up having a shot at an Ace high straight.

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Connected Flush
You have to remember when you hit a flush with small connector cards that another player may have a flush as well and depending on how many small cards you are holding the other player may have a better flush. Players sometimes get too excited with straights and flushes on the low end and forget that they might not hold the best hand. Other players who should know better take the chance with their low-end straights or flush’s and end up losing a big hand. When you hit such a hand you must judge the betting of your opponents before you get too confident.

When you are in late position you can play connectors more often because you know exactly what was done in front of you. You can get in cheaply or you can fold. The same thing holds true for the small or the big blind as you can just call a small raise or check with connectors. Remember that connectors are not worth playing if you can’t get into the pot cheaply. Also remember that connector cards are more valuable in the No-Limit version of Texas Holdem because you can really hit a big hand. And in Limit Holdem you are almost always going to have to hit your hand because bluffing is not as much a part of the game.


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