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Play now!We all want to play in a big poker tournament where there is a chance to win big money.

When there are hundreds or thousands of people who are putting up an entry fee the prize money is going to look pretty good. How do you go about playing in these big poker tournaments? What do you need to know to be successful?

Before we get to the tips you need to remember to play in a big poker tournament we have to mention one key thing. Playing in a big tournament will take some time. Many tournaments take hours to finish and if you are playing in a huge tournament it could go on for days. Look at the schedule before you enter and be prepared to go as long as necessary. Don’t get involved in these big tournaments if you don’t have the time to play them to conclusion.

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Big Poker Tournament Tips
Be Aggressive - Forget about slowplaying big hands in these tournaments. You need to play your big hands like Aces, Kings, Queens, etc. very strongly. Don’t get cute with big hands. Bet them and bet them big.

Loose Early, Tight Late – You can take some more chances early in the tournament when the blinds are small. Play more hands and see more flops. When the blinds get bigger make sure you only play strong starting hands. There is a caveat to this tip though and that is when you know you can push people around late in a tournament you have to do it.

Rarely Bluff
You are not going to bluff very often and win in a big tournament. When it gets down to the money you have a better chance of bluffing but your bluffs should be rare, especially early.

Avoid Trouble Hands – You only get one shot in this tournament so you don’t want to be playing hands that will get you dominated like weak Aces, weak Kings, etc. Fold those hands. One big mistake can end your chances in a big tournament.

When in Doubt, be Aggressive
If you don’t know what type of strategy to use then be aggressive. If you are going to lose then go out swinging. Take some chances and see if you can get a big stack.


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