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Play now!Playing at a loose poker table is definitely more fun than playing at a tight table and it can also be more profitable.

There are actually different types of loose poker tables. Some of the tables have everyone just limping in while other tables have everyone raising and re-raising. How do you play at these two types of tables?

Playing at a passive-loose table is pretty easy and fun because you get to play a lot of hands and have a chance to win a lot of pots. You should definitely open up your starting hand criteria when playing at a passive-loose table because the pot odds will be in your favor. At these types of tables you can also raise more aggressively after the flop because most of the players will fold if they missed.

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It is much more difficult to play at a table that is aggressive-loose. You can’t limp in and see hands. You must tighten up your starting hand criteria. You can still win big pots at this type of table but you have to show patience. You just can’t be playing every hand and hoping to hit a draw. Marginal starting hands are a disaster at an aggressive-loose poker table. Don’t play them. You need to stick to strong starting hands and aggressively bet them. You don’t have to worry about pushing people out of the hand as they are going to raise and re-raise with nothing. You can get a big pot with your big hands. There will be occasions when someone draws out on your but more often than not you will win a big pot. You can also use the check-raise at this type of table since you know that someone else is almost always going to bet the pot. At an aggressive-loose table you really need to have a good bankroll. When you get strong hands you need to have the bankroll to be able to bet them. And not every one of your hands will win so you have to be prepared for the ups and downs of an aggressive table. If you are well prepared you can win at this type of table but only if you are well prepared. You must be patient, pound your strong starting hands, stay away from marginal hands and have the proper bankroll.


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