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Play now!Do you really think about where you are going to sit before you play poker?

Some people think that every seat is the same as the button moves around in Texas Holdem but that is not really true. There are definitely better spots to sit when you play Texas Holdem and it all depends upon the dynamics of the table. How do you go about picking the best seat when you decide to play at a poker table?

Loose Right, Tight Left
You want the loose poker players to your right and the tighter ones to your left. The reason for that is that if you have the loose players on your right then you always get to act after they do except when you are under the gun. You can react to what they have done so that means you are not constantly making bets and then having to fold. When you have tight players on your left you don’t have to worry about them as much because when they bet you know they have a strong hand. If you are playing online poker you can usually get a good idea of what type of style a player is using based on the flop percentages. Take a look at them before you sit down and remember, loose right, tight left.

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Pick Your Seat
What happens if you don’t pick your seat based on what we said earlier about loose right and tight left? If you have the player that bets and call everything and he is to your left then you simply can’t be playing marginal hands because you will continually get raised out of the pot. If that person is sitting to your right you can pick and choose your spots to play because you already know what he has done. Remember that if the player sitting to your left is loose and aggressive you are in trouble. If you have a tight player to the left you know what they are going to do. You want that maniac or loose player on your right. You want the tighter players on your left because they are not as unpredictable. You want to remember this crucial fact as you pick your seat in online poker. Take the time to analyze the table before you sit down and pick the correct seat based on loose right and tight left.


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