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Play now!There is no question that today’s Texas Holdem is very aggressive. Players are raising and re-raising seemingly every hand. Oftentimes these players don’t even have great hands when they do raise. Some players have gone so far as to play recklessly. You seem to run into maniacs at nearly every table. One way to combat the maniac and to win money off him is to be patient.

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Against the Grain
Even some poker pros will go against the grain sometimes and play tight when facing players who constantly raise. It only takes one hand to catch a maniac and take all his chips. Good poker players will wait for their spot and take advantage of the maniac.

Maniacs Lose
Many of today’s Texas Holdem players are way too reckless and often seem as if they are trying to be a TV star. What is really ridiculous is that if the maniacs would pay more attention to TV they would realize that only the top players in the world can get away with being ultra-aggressive. Most other players can’t get away with that type of play because they are not experienced enough to play a loose style of poker.

Pros Understand
The professional poker player understands how to win. And no, it is not always being an aggressive maniac. There are times when the professional player will slow down and exercise patience. It is all a matter of taking advantage of the situation. Professional players are more than capable of slowing down when necessary. Today’s young players show a lot of aggression and there is no question that an aggressive style can work but there is a difference between being aggressive and being reckless. The pro understand this. Many other players do not.

Patience is Needed
When you play Texas Holdem don’t be so anxious to raise every hand. Oftentimes a better style is to be patient and wait for strong hands. There are plenty of players out there that are raising every hand. You can wait for a premium hand, take advantage of the aggressive nature of today’s Texas Holdem and win big pots. Professionals are doing it more and more as adjusting to the changing nature of the game is what makes them winners.


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