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Play now!There have never been more choices to play poker than there are today. Many new players to Texas Holdem prefer to break in by playing online poker and there are many advantages to playing online as it is convenient and you can play for relatively small stakes. Where do you start though?

Start Slow
You really don’t want to begin by jumping right into no-limit cash game versions of Texas Holdem. You also need to decide whether or not you want to play Limit Texas Holdem or No Limit Texas Holdem and yes, there is a difference. Limit is more of a game of percentages and the cards while No Limit Holdem is more of a gambler’s game with strategy and mind games. If you have a big ego and believe that you can just start winning at Texas Holdem at high stakes it won’t take long for you to lose money and face reality. There is no reason to play over your head when you first start playing poker. Take it slow. There will always be another game tomorrow.

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The best way to start is to play as many low buy-in No Limit Texas Holdem Tournaments that you can find. Find the ones that have the lowest buy-ins and play them continuously. It is an inexpensive way to get a great education in playing Texas Holdem. By playing in low buy-in tournaments you will be able to develop your basic strategies, refine them, and better comprehend philosophy and style. You will be able to work on your skills at reading other players while fine-tuning your own skills. As you play more and more tournaments you will develop confidence if you are playing correctly and be ready to advance to higher stakes.

Small Stakes
Part of learning Texas Holdem is being responsible and avoiding expensive cash games in which the money goes fast and quick. You won’t play so tight and be bullied into making costly mistakes. You will find as you play in Texas Holdem Tournaments that you will play with more confidence and strength. And the more confident, relaxed and stronger that you feel the better you are going to play. Starting small is a great way to begin when playing Texas Holdem.


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