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Play now!There are going to be times when you play poker that you will be at shorthanded tables.

Some players really do well at shorthanded tables while other players struggle. What is the key to winning when the table is not full?

The first thing you have to do when playing shorthanded is be more aggressive. You can't just wait for big hands. You will get blinded off too fast when playing Texas Holdem. In a full game you can do well sitting back and playing tight, but that doesn't work as well shorthanded. You must bet and be more aggressive than you normally would. You also have to lower your starting hand requirements and take more chances. You want to force other players into folding by being aggressive. That is possible because there are far fewer premium hands at a shorthanded table. Aggressive play oftentimes works at full tables and it can really work well at a shorthanded table.

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There is more than one way to be aggressive when playing poker. Sometimes it is best to back off when your opponent comes back at you. It is then that he probably has a big hand. Other times it is best to come out strong and force everyone else to fold. Keep in mind when playing at a shorthanded table that a lot more hands are playable and you can play them aggressively. You don’t want to get carried away, but you have to play more hands to win at a shorthanded table. It is all about controlling your aggression when playing shorthanded poker.

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When you play at a shorthanded table there is likely going to be players you can attack. Some players simply don’t do well playing at shorthanded tables because they stick to their normal strategies. You can push these players around and win more pots because you are aggressive and play more hands. Never underestimate the power of aggression at a shorthanded table. Good players like playing shorthanded because their advantage is magnified. If you are a good player then you should really do well at a shorthanded table. If you are a new player then you may want to avoid playing shorthanded unless you are confident in your ability to play aggressively.


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