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Play now!New poker players love Texas Holdem poker for many reasons, not the least of which is the amount of luck involved in the game. Television has glorified No-Limit Texas Holdem and new poker players love the game because anything can happen.

Luck is a Factor
New players do have more of a chance in Texas Holdem than in games like Stud or Draw, mainly because luck is a factor. Too many hands come down to a race where you have two overcards vs. a pair. The higher skill games of Draw or Stud would be much tougher for the new player to win at.

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Good Players Win
New players would be much worse off if Draw or Stud were the featured game on television. Good players really do well against new players in Draw and Stud. New players love Texas Holdem because it gives them the best chance to have good days or even good sessions and when they make weak plays they still have a chance. For example, a good player was playing in a No-Limit tournament and sitting just to the left of a weak player. The weak player continually made stupid calls with weak hands but was getting lucky and found himself in the lead at the table. The good player had lost one of these hands against the weak player but didn’t panic. Later at the table the good player went all-in with a set and the weak player called with a straight draw. That is something inexperienced players will do regularly. They call when the odds are not in their favor and in most cases they lose.

Intelligent Aggression
Aggressive play will work well in No-Limit Texas Holdem tournaments and that is what you see a great deal on TV. The problem that a new player runs into is to understand when to be aggressive and when not to. There are times when you have to back off when you are facing a better hand and new players don’t realize this fact. Weaker poker players will always have a chance though, because they can get lucky and still win the hand. Even on those occasions when the better player has the advantage, it is not a huge edge. The new player can get lucky for a while and stay in the game. They may even have a run of luck to do well. In the long run though, they will lose, because they don’t understand enough about the game. For a new player though, Texas Holdem gives them an immediate chance to win and that is all that matters.


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