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Play now!In recent months it has been New Jersey at the forefront to be the first state to legalize online poker but Nevada is now in the mix as well. Nevada state lawmakers introduced a bill that would require Nevada gambling regulators to set up rules for internet poker companies. The bill also makes so that the Nevada Gaming Commission can’t deny a license to existing poker sites.

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Nevada’s Economy Needs the Help
Nevada has been hit very hard by the sagging United States economy and the revenues from Internet poker could be very beneficial to the state. The state was hoping that the federal government would regulate poker but the U.S. government has been dragging its feet on the issue so the state decided to act. The bill is AB258 and while it would regulate Internet poker it would not make online casino games like blackjack legal. The bill could pass in the Nevada state legislature and then it might face the same problem that New Jersey had with the governor getting pressure from both sides of the issue. Some companies in the city of Las Vegas are concerned about the effect of legalizing online poker while others believe they can capitalize on it. Even if the bill does get signed it might be a while before anything is done because the Nevada Gaming Commission would then have to put rules in place and decide exactly what they would allow.

New Jersey Fails
The state of New Jersey passed a bill that would have made the state the first one to legalize online poker but their governor, Chris Christie vetoed the bill after getting pressure from some companies in the state that were worried about losing money.

Other States
There are other states could end up taking the lead before Nevada ever gets around to voting on the bill. Both California and Iowa have similar bills to the one that New Jersey had and both states seem favorable to online gaming. California is in desperate need of money for their state so they may be the first state to really make online poker legal. Iowa also is facing budget problems so they are looking at anything that can help them bring money into the state.


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