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Play now!The first round of the online Superstar Showdown between Daniel Negreanu and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom went to Blom as he won $150,000 from Negreanu.

The match was supposed to be for 2,500 hands at $50/$100 No-Limit Holdem spread over four tables but Negreanu lost his entire $150,000 in 1,439 hands. The two will play round two of the Superstar Showdown on Sunday, March 27th.

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Negreanu’s Bad Luck
Is there any player in high stakes poker who has worse luck than Daniel Negreanu? He has had horrible luck on GSN’s High Stakes Poker as time after time he would have the best hand only to lose on a suckout. He has lost huge pots on High Stakes Poker, one of which was just amazing when his full house lost to the quads of Gus Hansen. In the Superstar Showdown against Blom, Negreanu lost 12 of the 14 biggest pots. It started poorly for Negreanu when his two pair lost to Blom when Blom hit a two-outer on the river. Those types of beats kept happening to Negreanu. He lost when he flopped top pair to Blom’s straight and that one hurt. It happened again later in the match when Blom hit a flush on the turn to beat Negreanu’s two pair. Time after time it was Blom getting lucky to beat Negreanu for a big pot.

Negreanu Back for More
It was not expected that either Negreanu or Blom would lose their entire $150,000 bankroll in 2,500 hands but Negreanu ran really bad and he lost before the two players even got close to the 2,500 hands. Negreanu said he is coming back for the second round though and putting up another $150,000. The entire match was supposed to be two separate sessions of 2,500 hands for a total of 5,000 hands. The total amount that could be lost was supposed to be the $150,000 bankroll. Negreanu can now lose double that amount. Negreanu is showing a lot of guts going against Blom in an online format. Negreanu has already said that Blom is the better online player but Negreanu said he has been practicing and is ready for the rematch. Negreanu is known far more for his live play than his online play so it will be interesting to see how much he continues to improve.


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