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Play now!Grimes was knocked out in third place, leaving the stage set for heads-up play. After Grimes busted, the two final players took a one-hour dinner break leaving the chips at 14.595 million for Tehan and 6.35 million for DeMaci.

The game stayed pretty much even until Tehan was able to make a big call and knock DeMaci down to approximately 3.7 million. Tehan then raised to 200,000 on the button, which was the required raised, the minimum at the time. DeMaci made a re-raise to 550,000 and so Tehan called. The flop came down Queen of Hearts, 3 of Hearts, 2 of Clubs, and DeMaci fired 450,000. Tehan made the call, and before you knew it, over two million chips were in the middle.

The turn card gave the final two the Queen of Spades, both players checked. Then there wa an appearance by another lady in black, the Queen of Clubs, on the river and DeMaci fired out 1.125 million after taking some time. Then Demaci showed the Jack of Spades, 10 of Spades or jack high. Tehan had called with the King of Clubs, Jack of Hearts for king high and won the pot.

The two battled and then took a 15-minute break asDeMaci was down to 2.54 million and Tehan was holding 18.405 million in the lead. Shortly after they returned from break, the last hand of poker came to fruition.

The final hands played out as follows: Tehan raised from the button to 240,000 and DeMaci made the call. The flop came down King of Spades, 5 of Hearts, 3 of Spades and DeMaci checked. Tehan fired 375,000 and DeMaci moved all-in. Tehan quickly called and tabled the best hand. He held the King of Spades, 10 of Hearts, outkicking the King of Diamonts, 4 of Hearts for DeMaci. The turn paired the board with the 5 of Spades and left DeMaci drawing to just a chop to stay alive. The river was the 4 of Spades and that was it. DeMaci and Tehan got up to shake hands and congratulate each other on their respective finishes. DeMaci took home $440,000 for his runner-up finish and Tehan netted the first-place prize of $725,000.

Locking up this way put Tehan over the $3 million mark for live tournament earnings. Coming into this final table, Tehan boasted a career in which he has won over $2.3 million. What’s amazing is that this $725,000 score isn’t even the largest of his career. He scored $1,033,440 for winning the WPT Mandalay Bay Poker Championship in 2006.


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