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Play now!You probably know what to do before the flop when playing Texas Holdem but what do you do after the flop?

So many mistakes are made after the flop, many of which are unnecessary. Let’s take a look at some examples and see what it takes to make smart decisions on the flop.

You have a lot more decisions to make after the flop than you did before the flop. Most people know what starting hands to play so decisions before the flop are pretty straightforward. After the flop is another story. Let’s look at some examples to illustrate.

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Flop Examples
Let’s say you have a King and a Queen and call to see the flop. Here are some typical flops you might see – A-K-2, 3-8-10, J-10-4, K-10-4, Q-5-6 suited, and 10-9-7. On this first flop you would hold middle pair but the Ace on the flop would make it possible you are already beat. Many players will play any hand that has an Ace in it so when it hits on the flop you are behind with KQ. The second flop of 3-8-10 is basically just rags and doesn’t help anyone. It is a flop where you might take a shot. The third flop of J-10-4 gives you an open-ended straight draw which is playable. The K-10-4 flop is a good one for you since you have top pair. You have a good chance at having the best hand and should bet. The Q-5-6 flop is also a good one for you since you hold top pair, but it is all suited so that can be a problem. The final flop of 10-9-7 has straight draw possibilities and is not really a flop you can do anything with.

Best Advice
It is not always easy to play the flop in Texas Holdem. There are a lot of things that can happen. The best option is to bet and see where you are at or just be prepared to fold. Don’t get cute and hope to hit a draw later on. Betting can win you the pot immediately and it might get you a free card on the turn. Remember that playing the flop in Texas Holdem will oftentimes commit you to the rest of the hand. That is why a bet can be the right choice as it determines where you are at in the hand. The bottom line on the flop is kind of an all or nothing attitude. Either be prepared to bet your hand and go with it or forget it. Don’t go chasing draws very often and don’t commit yourself unless you feel very good about your hand.

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