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Play now!What type of poker are you best at? Are you better playing in a local cardroom or online? Even though the games are the same there are some differences and there are things that you want to be aware of.

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Time and Opponents
When you play online poker you can sit down for a few minutes or as long as you want. When you are playing live you are really committed to playing for a longer period of time. In a live game you are usually going to be playing with the same opponents for a while but in online poker you have a lot of changes in players. In Texas Holdem, when you play online you really don’t have that great a chance to get the feel of your opponents as much but in live play you do because you spend more time with them. When you play against regular poker opponents you need to mix up your play and that applies more in person than it does in online poker. Online poker tends to have players that will call more and bluffs don’t work as well. Online poker is a game where all you see are the names, not the faces. You can’t get tells as much when you are playing online. When you play live it can be more of a game of psychology. In online poker you are more likely to run into a player that will call anything all the way to the river. It is a little more difficult for a person in a live game to continually bluff but it seems easier to do online.

When playing online you can definitely play tight and still get action. In live play if you sit there and rarely play a hand most people won’t give you any action when you get a good hand. There are not as many distractions at a live poker table and people remember you haven’t played many hands. With online poker it can be different since people could be doing other things and the players are oftentimes changing. Some players don’t concentrate as much on their opponents when playing online poker.

Some online poker players are not as good in a local cardroom and some local cardroom players don’t excel online. It is not always that way though as good players can success in both venues. The great thing is that in today’s poker world you have the chance to play both live and online and experience the differences.


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