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Play now!If you learn how to the steal the blinds you can pick up free money when playing Texas Holdem.

How many times have you been playing Texas Holdem and seen another player continually steal the blinds by re-raising the pot? It happens all the time and it is something you need to learn to do as well.

Blind Stealing Strategy
Many players have a blind stealing strategy. You will see them continually steal the blinds until someone calls or raises them. Most of the time the other players don’t have enough of a hand to call the player down that is stealing the blinds. Eventually one of them will get a decent hand and call but look what already happened. The blind stealer may have picked up three or four blinds. That money covers his blinds time and time again for each subsequent round. And keep in mind that there are going to be times that the person stealing the blinds will actually have a hand and that makes for an even better situation.

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Why it Works
Do you know why blind stealing works so well? It is because it is tough for the average player to do anything about it and it is also tough for the average player to actually become a blind stealer. It is tough for a player to call or to bet when he doesn’t have a hand. That is exactly why the blind stealing will work in Texas Holdem. Usually people only want to play premium starting hands from the blinds. Players don’t like to play weak hands when they have to risk money. That plays right into the blind stealer’s strategy. The strategy works even better when the blinds are higher and people want to take fewer chances.

Get Prepared
If you want to be a good blind stealer then you will have to prepare yourself. It is not easy to go from being a solid safe player to one that steals the blinds. You have to be willing to take risks. Also remember that the blind stealing strategy works best at passive tables. People that play tight won’t want to risk anything without a good hand so you will steal their blinds all the time. Practice stealing blinds and you will definitely improve your play and win more money when playing Texas Holdem.


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