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Play now!You rarely want to do it but folding is something that the best poker players in the world know how to do. Folding in Limit Texas Holdem is an important part of the game that is virtually ignored. Limit Texas Holdem is a game of mistakes and when you don’t know how to fold you make a lot of them.

Limit Texas Holdem
Many good poker players have an understanding of when to fold when playing Limit Texas Holdem but they still play too many hands. This is not No-Limit Holdem where you can drive players out. You only want to play strong hands before the flop in Limit Texas Holdem but far too many players will play anything. This is a mistake. You can take more chances with suited connectors and small pairs but you really have to look at folding hands like K10, A10, Q10, etc, especially if you are out of position.

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More Limit Folding Mistakes
In addition to playing too many hands there are even worse mistakes that players make. For example, if you are getting involved in a pot after the flop then you are probably committed to seeing the turn and the river. Here is an example. After the flop and the river the pot size is probably going to be pretty good and if you are facing just one or two opponents calling the turn and the river is probably a good idea. If you are holding KJ and the flop comes AJ5 then you may be behind in the hand but the pot odds may say you should call. The big mistake is folding at the river when it is even remotely possible you have the best hand. If you get involved after the flop, you should really see the river most every time, because pot odds are probably going to be in your favor. Your biggest decisions should be before the flop and after the flop. The turn and river should be easy decisions, because many times the pot odds will say you should call.

Limit Texas Holdem is a game where bets are a small fraction of the pot and that really encourages players to throw in another bet. That is why most bad players continually lose money time and time again when they don’t hit their draw. What is so important is that you understand that pre-flop decisions are critical and that your next big decision is staying in after the flop. If you want to win more money playing Limit Holdem learn how to fold before and after the flop.


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