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Play now!Many states in the United States have had bills in their legislature to legalize and regulate online poker but so far all of the bills have failed.

The District of Columbia passed a bill though that allows online gambling in the district. Although the bill passed it is still not out of the woods as the U.S. government may get involved. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said that they may look at the bill.

D.C. Happy to be First
District of Columbia council member Michael A. Brown said that he was pleased that D.C. is first to consider online gambling. In recent days the states of Florida, Hawaii and Nevada have either killed bills that would have regulated and legalized online gambling or altered them. D.C. appears ready to move forward with an online poker system. D.C. Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi said that his office is ready to go. The estimates are that D.C. could collect $13 million dollars by the year 2014 due to online gambling revenue.

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D.C. Bill Could be Changed
Even though the D.C. bill officially passed it could still get crushed by the U.S. government. The bill may also have to be changed if the U.S. government decides to get involved. It could be that D.C. may only offer online poker within the city limits. The budget bill that passed in D.C. included a provision that allows the D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board to set up games of skill and games of chance and to offer them on the Internet. D.C. is expected to have a site up by the end of this year but that is only if they don’t get struck down by the federal government. It is worth noting that the United States congress has the authority over the budget of Washington, D.C. and they could stop or change the budget if they so choose.

D.C. Site Not Ideal
Even if the D.C. site gets up and running it is not going to be a premier poker site. It is being set up by the lottery people, not by a vendor that knows online poker. The only positive is that the site might get the attention of some people in Washington and that might make Congress more receptive to a bill that would legalize and regulate online gambling in the United States.


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