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Play now!Out on the street you don’t want to be a bully as that is not the right way to treat other people but at the poker table you want to be the bully. Your goal is to win money from your opponents and one way to do that is to bully them and intimidate them. If the players are good they won’t allow you to do it on a regular basis but you can still get away with it from time to time.

The Poker Bully
The first thing you need to understand about being a bully in poker is that it is not dark glasses, talking smack or being cocky. A true intimidator at the poker table simply keeps his opponents constantly guessing and continually applies pressure. The bully never lets his opponents get comfortable. A player that is playing Texas Holdem poker using a bully style can oftentimes gain an immediate advantage.

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Whenever your opponents are constantly facing pressure and unsure of what you will do they are more likely to make mistakes. The bully style capitalizes and punishes opponents who make mistakes. The bully never lets up and relentlessly applies pressure. The bully is different from a maniac though because a maniac is simply stupid and reckless. The bully is calculating and smart.

Mind Game
A big part of winning at poker is playing the mind game. You never want to let your opponent get comfortable and that is why the bully style works. If a player wants to play a hand with you then he needs to know you will punish him with bets and raises. Does it always work? No. But it puts fear into your opponents and they won’t want to tangle with you unless they have a strong hand. That means you can continually pressure them into folding. It is an aggressive style of poker that oftentimes works.

If you want to play winning poker then you need to have the bully mentality of continual pressure. When you have your opponents playing a defensive style of poker you are well on your way to winning the battle. Defensive players don’t win in the long run playing poker. Aggressive and smart players win in poker and that is why poker is a great mind game.


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