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Play now!Do you like to play pocket queens in Texas Holdem?

Some players love to see pocket queens while other players hate them with a passion. How should you play pocket Queens in Texas Holdem? Let’s take a look.

Before the Flop
Queens are the third-best starting hand in Texas Holdem behind Aces and Kings so you should raise before the flop almost every time. Queens look really good before the flop but if an ace or a king falls on the flop those queens look awfully weak. Slowplaying queens almost never works because far too often there is someone left who has an ace or a king in their hand.

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After the Flop
If an ace or a king hits on the flop you need to be prepared to fold your queens. You can call a small bet but if you get pressure you have to let your hand go. Many players who called on the flop could easily have an ace or a king which means you are drawing almost dead after the flop. For example, let’s say that the under the gun player raised and the player next to him re-raised. You can pretty much guarantee your queens are beat.

Queens are Nice but Vulnerable
There is probably no more misunderstood or misplayed hand than pocket queens. Far too many players lose everything with pocket queens. You probably can’t get away from them before the flop but you sure better be able to get away from them when an ace or a king shows up on the flop. It helps to know your opponent’s style but you had better be ready to fold queens if an ace or a king hits the board. Most players are not willing to give up the queens and that is why they lose money with them more times than not.

You can obviously play pocket queens but you need to be prepared to release them when facing pressure. You can’t just blindly keep betting them all the way to the river. Too many times that ace or king hits the board and you are all but done. Remember that one simple fact the next time you are playing Texas Holdem and your chances of having success with your pocket queens will be increased. The bottom line with Queens is to play them aggressively before the flop and carefully after the flop.


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