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Play now!Is there a hand in poker you hate more than pocket jacks? Those two jacks look so great in Texas Holdem but they can easily turn into a problem hand. How do you play pocket jacks effectively? Is the hand really as powerful as it appears?

Raise Preflop
Pocket jacks are a tough hand for even the best poker players in the world. The hand can face pressure at anytime so they are really hard to play. It seems like you have a great hand but in reality you don’t. The first tip to playing pocket jacks is to raise with them. One of the biggest mistakes that Texas Holdem players make when holding pocket jacks is to limp in with them. It is often wiser to raise with the hand and define where you are at. A large preflop raise is a good idea with pocket jackets. The goal with that raise is to chase away the weak poker hands and set up a “heads up” confrontation. The more players that are left in the hand after the flop the more likely it will be that a player has an ace, a king or a queen and those cards are major trouble to pocket jacks.

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After the Flop
It is after the flop in Texas Holdem where players continually make mistakes with pocket jacks. If the flop contains an ace, a king or a queen then you are probably just better off getting away from your hand. Do not continue to bet with pocket jacks when overcards are on the board. Don’t let this hand commit you to more chips. If you are faced with any kind of pressure at all then you have to be willing to get away from pocket jacks.

Don’t be Afraid to Fold
You are really going to want to play pocket jacks after the flop and all the way through to the river. Don’t do it. Treat pocket jacks more like pocket nines or pocket tens. If you don’t flop a set then be prepared to get away from the hand. It is not easy to do as those jacks look great but if you remember only one thing then remember this. Be prepared to fold your pocket jacks.


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