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Play now!What do you do in Texas Holdem with those hands that are not great but not bad either?

We all know what to do with Aces and Kings and hands like 2-7 but what about some other hands that are almost playable. Let’s call these hands “marginal” and decide how to play them.

You get a lot of marginal hands dealt to you when playing Texas Holdem. In online poker where the action is fast and furious that means you are getting a lot of hands, many of which are probably not playable. What do you do with these hands? You could definitely just fold most of them but are there some playable ones? If you have a K-9 suited or a Q-8 suited then you are best off just folding. With the K9, if you catch your King on the flop, you’re feeling pretty good but your 9 kicker is awfully weak. This is a tough hand to get rid of and it could cost you a lot of chips if someone else has a king with a better kicker. One of the best flops for the K-9 is 10-J-Q, and even then someone might have you beat with AK.

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Forced to Play
There are going to be times when you have to play marginal hands. You might be in the blinds or you might be low on chips. What do you do then? If you are low on chips then an all-in is probably your best choice. If you are in the blinds then a call is okay when it doesn’t cost you any money but if you are facing a raise then you should fold.

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Other Marginal Hands
Some other hands that you probably should just fold are AJ, KQ, KJ and QT. Yes, all of those hands look pretty good on the surface but they can all get you into serious trouble. They are hands than look good before the flop but can cost you everything when things go wrong. Some other marginal hands are J9, T9, A5, A4, A3, A2 and some of the connectors like 67, 78, 89. You really want to play all of these hands because you love action but unless you can get in cheaply they are not worth playing. And that is the bottom line. You are simply better off folding almost all marginal hands.

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