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Play now!You probably already know that you are not going to be dealt pocket aces or pocket kings every hand when playing Texas Holdem.

There are going to be a lot of hands that simply aren’t very good like 7-4, 9-6, 10-3, etc. How do you play those hands?

Folding is a Good Option
It is never a bad idea to fold a crappy hand in Texas Holdem. Certain hands simply don’t play well in Holdem and you never make a mistake by folding them. You can make a big mistake though by playing them. When you play Limit Texas Holdem it only costs you an extra bet or two to call a raise but in No-Limit Holdem it might cost you a lot. Many players want to play a bad hand hoping they will get lucky on the flop. And yes, it can happen. You might just flop trips with that 7-4 starting hand. More often than not though you are throwing money away and the hand should be folded.

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Bad Hands Lose Money
It is really pretty simple when it comes down to it in Texas Holdem. Bad hands lose money and good hands win money. That is why there is a starting hands chart that people refer to when playing Texas Holdem. You can go ahead and play those rotten hands but you are going to lose money in the long haul because they are bad hands. Good starting hands are critical in No-Limit Holdem and they also matter in Limit Holdem. For example, let’s say you have 7-8 suited as your starting poker hand. In Limit Holdem you can limp in or possibly call a raise and hope that you hit a big hand. In No-Limit it is much more difficult because you are calling a bigger raise and the pot odds make it so you should fold. Bad hands can’t face any pressure in No-Limit Holdem and that is why you can’t play them very often.

Simply Fold
When you get a bad poker hand you can sometimes see a flop cheaply and get lucky. That doesn’t happen very often though. You have to remember with most bad poker hands to simply fold them. It is really that simple. The problem is that many players won’t listen to that advice. They want to play everything and try to get lucky. More often than not they won’t and that is why they lose money.


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