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Play now!It seems you run into a poker maniac more often today when playing poker than ever before.

It used to be that player would just sit back and play patient poker but not anymore. There are many players today who have a reckless style that would put them into the maniac category. How do you play against a poker maniac and win?

The Maniac
When you are playing poker at a local card room or at an online poker site you are going to run into the poker maniac. He is the one who tries to run over everyone at the table. He plays almost every hand. If you bet he will probably raise and it doesn’t matter what he has. He continually puts pressure on everyone at the table by raising and re-raising. He is trying to force everyone else to fold. The maniac makes it nearly impossible to limp into a pot and play marginal hands.

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Countering the Maniac
We already know that we can’t just limp in when playing against a maniac because that money is going to be lost when he raises and we have to fold. So what do we do? The best strategy is to wait for a big hand and then use the maniac to win a big pot. When you have a big hand you don’t have to bet it because you already know the maniac will raise the pot. When he raises the pot you can just go along and continue because you know your hand is the best. Sometimes in poker it is tough to get paid off when you have a big hand but that is not a concern when playing against a maniac.

Careful and Patient
You definitely have to go into a poker game against a maniac with the proper mindset. Forget about limping in with marginal hands. Also realize that when you lose a hand against a maniac it is going to be for more money than normal because the pots are bigger but at the same time, when you win a pot it will also be larger. You just have to careful and patient playing against a maniac so you have plenty of chips to punish him when you have a big hand. If you just continually drop chips by playing and then folding marginal hands you won’t have anything left when you get a power hand. You have to remember to focus on strong starting hands when playing against the maniac and show some patience. That is not always easy to do but it is the best way to beat a maniac when playing Texas Holdem.


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