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Play now!When you play poker you probably have a good idea of the strategy you want to use.

While it might sound good to have a preconceived strategy when playing poker it can sometimes gets you into trouble. Let’s look at why you need to get out of your comfort zone to win when playing poker.

Different Games
There are a lot of poker games you can play. You have Texas Holdem, Omaha, Stud, etc. and different varieties of each whether it is low limit, high limit, cash games, tournaments, etc. Each game has a particular feel and requires a different strategy. The problem for most people is that they use the same strategy every time. Most people are not willing to change their strategy when the game changes. Even when things start going badly most of us are still too stubborn to change. If you are going to improve as a poker player you must get out of your comfort zone and change your strategy.

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Choose Wisely
Sometimes you are just not going to find a game that suits your style and you will need to change your play if you want to win money. You do have the option of choosing another table that is more suited to your style but that is sometimes easier said than done. The problem with staying away from tables that don’t suit your style is that you don’t improve as a player. You want to continue to learn and grow as you play poker and that means being flexible enough to change your strategy.

Stretch Out
We all like to get in our own poker comfort zone but sometimes we are better off stretching out a little bit. You might find that your style is very well suited to Omaha but you haven’t taken the opportunity to learn the game. You might be excellent in a cash game but have only played tournaments. You really don’t know until you try and far too many people are afraid to stretch their limits. Change is difficult for most of us but the good players are willing to change and adapt while the losing players are not. For example, if you are playing at an aggressive table and your normal strategy is to play tight then you may have to loosen up your game a bit to win money. To be more successful in poker you have to be open to changing your style and that means getting out of your comfort zone.


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