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Play now!The goal when you play poker is to win money and one way to do that is to find weak players at the poker table. You should know that most poker players lose money so you should be able to find losing players. How do you go about finding weak poker players and a weak poker table when playing Texas Holdem?

Loose Table
One thing you really want to look for is a loose Texas Holdem table. That is a table where you have players who are playing at least 50% of their hands. These poker players are going against the odds as the more hands a person plays the more hands he will lose. Amazingly enough many online poker players hardly pay any attention at all to the number of hands played, which is a leading indicator of weak players. Look for a loose table and attack the players at that table.

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Any Price
Even when you go to high end poker tables you are going to find weak players. One of the myths in poker is that there are no bad players at high end tables. That is simply not true. High limit games do not mean that they are played by the best poker players. You can find a bad player at any limit at the poker tables. You will find that players who play too many hands also more often than not bet too much on their hands. Players that play too many hands and bet too much on those hands are players you can beat.

You Are the Favorite
When you go up against Texas Holdem players how play loose and wild you are the favorite to beat them. You should be confident going against players who play a lot of hands fast and loose. Just remember that a loose Texas Holdem table with players who bet too much on too many hands gives you the advantage. You can get in with the best of it against players who are ready to give away their money. Finding a table with just one loose player who is playing badly is great and oftentimes you can find a table with more than one of these types of players. It’s these situations that you look for as you play Texas Holdem.


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