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Play now!Most poker players who play Texas Holdem understand that position is of paramount importance. Many poker players who play Omaha poker don’t understand that position is also important in this game.

There are a lot of possibilities in Omaha and because of that fact some people ignore position but that is a mistake.

Omaha is a game where drawing to big hands is a large part of the game. What is sometimes underestimated is the value of position. When you are in position you have the opportunity to analyze what everyone else has done before making your play. That is well known in Texas Holdem but it is also important in Omaha. Because of the many different possibilities in Omaha you can see a lot of strong hands. Omaha is a difficult game to play at times because you want to keep drawing to a great hand. Even when out of position you feel that you can still draw to something good. That is a big problem, especially when playing out of position. There are way too many times in Omaha where players stay in looking for a draw when they should have folded.

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The Positional Advantage
Omaha is a game that can really trick you into calling with a lot of weak hands. Sometimes that is okay when you are in position but when out of position you are in severe trouble. If you have to call a raise with a weak hand you can just get away from the hand in late position but in early position you are stuck. The odds in Omaha look so attractive that players in early position will continue to chase hands they should have folded long ago. This happens in all positions, but at least in late position you can see what everyone else has done.

Is Position More Important?
There are people that will say that position is less important in Omaha because you have so many drawing possibilities. Maybe the opposite is true though because Omaha sucks you into playing more hands. The more hands you play from early position the more hands you are going to lose and there is no way around that fact. In late position you have a lot more power and can play more hands. Don’t underestimate the value of position in Omaha.


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