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Play now!So many people love to play Texas Holdem but they are afraid to take a shot with Omaha poker and that is too bad because Omaha is a great game.

In many ways Omaha is more exciting and simpler to play once you understand the game. It is just getting familiar with the game that seems to scare people away.

Omaha combines some of the elements of Texas Holdem but it is a little bit different. Instead of getting two cards you get four but you can only use two of those cards combined with community cards to make the best five-card poker hand. And keep in mind that you must use exactly two of the cards in your hand. That means you can’t just use one and you can’t just play the board. What makes things interesting in Omaha is that there are a lot of possible combinations. In Omaha the game is really very loose as many players are looking to draw to the nuts. Unlike Texas Holdem, Omaha is very much a drawing game. With a full online poker table there is a very good chance that someone is going to be drawing to the nuts.

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Basic Tips
When you play Omaha there are some basic strategies to remember. Forget about bluffing in Omaha as it almost never works. Don’t overplay high pairs because unlike Texas Holdem, pairs simply don’t win very often in Omaha. If your pair doesn’t become a set then you should fold and even with a set you have to be very careful as many times it still won’t be good. You really have to know which starting hands to play in Omaha because certain hands have more value than others. You also should remember that Omaha is very much a game that is played after the flop. Position is still important in Omaha so don’t automatically discount it. Late position still holds a lot of power in Omaha.

Smart Play
The players that win in Omaha are the ones that play strong starting hands, understand that the game is about drawing to the nuts and that it is not the same as Texas Holdem. Players that treat Omaha like they do Texas Holdem are not going to win in the long run as while the two games may look the same, they are not.


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