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Play now!Everyone loves to pull off a great bluff. It just makes you feel good knowing that you won without having the best hand.

Bluffing will make you look very good at times and very bad at other times. If you are good at bluffing then you usually make other players uncomfortable and that is the goal when you are playing poker. You want the other players at the table to always wonder what you are going to do.

Don’t be Afraid to Bluff
For every bluff you win, there are going to be a few that you don’t. What you want to remember is that you are going to get extra callers because of your ability to perform a good bluff. That is a great thing when you have a strong hand. You want the big pots when you have the cards, and executing a good bluffing strategy is part of getting that to happen.

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Remember These Things
There are some things to remember when developing a poker bluffing strategy. You definitely want to remember that bluffing usually only works when there are not very many people left in the hand. If you have 4 or more players still alive in the hand it is very unlikely you can get all of them to fold. Bluffs work best when there are only one or two other people left in the hand. You also need to be aware of the type of players you are up against. You definitely want to bluff more against the average player. If you bluff against a poor player they are probably going to call you. Usually that is a bad thing for you. Poor players will call a lot of hands and see them through. Bluffs just don’t work very well on them. Bluffing against good players can work well, but you need to mix up your play. Remember that the best players to bluff against are the average players, those that are not great, but not poor either.

Don’t Overdo It
Another thing to remember when bluffing is not to overdo it. If you are always bluffing you are going to get a lot more calls than you want. That is great when you have the cards, but in those instances that you don’t, it keeps way too many players in the hand. The perfect bluffing strategy is something that you can’t define but one that works. You will not always get the cards when playing poker, but you can always bluff like you did and that is why bluffing is an important part of an overall poker game.


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