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Play now!The best position in Texas Holdem at the table is the button where you get to act last after everyone else except in the first round where the blinds go last.

Knowing how to play from the button is critical if you want to have success in Texas Holdem. What do you need to know to play correctly from the button?

You simply have to be aggressive when playing from the button and that oftentimes will mean playing more hands than you might like. This is especially critical in tournaments where the blinds continually go up. It is very important to keep ahead of the game in a tournament and you must be able to punish the players in the blinds. It is not just the blinds who you need to steal money from when on the button though. For example, if the action gets to you on the button and you have only one caller, you should consider a big raise regardless of the two cards in your hand. In that situation the blinds will probably fold and you will oftentimes get the first caller to fold as well. You simply can’t call in that situation because then the blinds come along for free and you wasted your positional advantage.

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Analyzing the Situation
What is so useful when playing from the button is that you get to analyze the current situation. If you are playing from an early position you don’t know anything about how the hand is going to develop. From late position you get to see everything. For example, if there are several callers before you then a strong raise is not a good idea as it was with just one caller. You really may just want to call in that situation and see the flop instead of trying to steal the hand preflop. You have so many different options available when playing from the button because you get to act last.

Always Take Advantage
Far too many poker players do not take advantage of the button. They let their positional advantage go away without doing anything. You need to play aggressively from the button and be ready to make money. Be looking forward to playing from the button and have a plan of attack that can make you money regardless of the situation. Playing from the button is a huge advantage and you must use it every time you get the chance if you want to make money consistently in Texas Holdem.


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