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Play now!There is no question that Texas Hold’em Poker is a game of mistakes. The fewer mistakes that you make the more money you will win. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid.

1. Playing Texas Hold’em poker while short - If you don’t have the money you are unlikely to win because you won’t have the power to push around smaller stacks and you won’t have the freedom you need.

2. Playing poker while drinking - When you play Texas Hold’em poker you need to be focused and rarely are you totally focused when drinking.

3. Bluffing too much – There is just not much value in bluffing as very few people fold anymore.

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4. Slow playing power hands – You don’t need to be slow playing Aces and Kings. Bet your strong hands and get something out of them.

5. Chasing losses – This is a mistake that people make in all forms of betting and hit happens in poker too.

6. Picking the wrong table – This is a mistake that is made every single day. People simply don’t do any research before sitting down at a table. Don’t play over your head and don’t just sit down without scouting out the table and your opponents.

7. Playing out of position – This is another mistake made every single day time after time after time. People just play from any position and don’t realize that early positions simply don’t win money in the long run. If you want to win more money playing poker then learn not to play from early position.

8. Playing too many hands – This is a huge mistake that is still common in poker today. Everyone wants to play every hand and it simply is not a good idea. Even the best players in the world should not be playing every hand.

9. Overconfidence - In poker sometimes you get lucky and think you can do no wrong but keep in mind that luck usually runs out. Analyze your results and you will find out if you are really that good. Never get too cocky because things can change quickly.

10. Overplaying Ace-King – Players forget when playing Texas Hold’em that Ace-King is not a made hand. There are a lot of players that are willing to go broke with this hand.


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