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Play now!Changing gears is a poker term for players who change their betting strategy in order to keep their opponents guessing. Changing gears is much like a change up pitch in baseball where a fastball pitcher will all of a sudden come in with a slow hanging curve to totally trip up the batter. In poker you want to do the same thing so your opponents don’t know what you will do next.

Develop the Skill

Whether you play poker at online poker websites or at casino poker card rooms you will need to develop gear changing skills in order to succeed. There are just too many skilled poker players that can easily read and detect predictable patterns of play and poker chip betting strategies. You have to change things up to win.

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Easy Reads

Many poker players are easy reads and reveal themselves for who they are after just a few poker hands at the poker table. The tighter players that only raise with powerhouse pocket poker hands such as Aces will not win a lot of chips with those hands because the other players will likely fold their hands in the face of a raise from such tight players. Then there is the opposite type of poker player, the maniac, who raises all the time and that destroys the respect and credibility of his hands since it is just more of the same, although a different extreme.

The Winner

The player that you want to become is the one who changes gears. The poker player that will play identical poker hands differently from hand to hand or night to night makes himself a very difficult person to read. If your opponents don’t know what you will do then they have a hard time reacting to your plays and you have the advantage. Poker players that alternate between aggressive and tight play will not only cause hesitation and doubt among the other players at the table, they will get their opponents to overanalyze and think too much about what they are doing, tripping them up and throwing them off their game. If you want to be a top player you can’t afford to grant your opponents at the table the luxury of easy reads and predictable plays and bets. It is all about changing gears and the best players in poker do it on a regular basis.


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