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Play now!Most players know what to do with the top 10 starting hands in Texas Holdem but what about the next group of hands? Should you be playing hands beyond the really strong starting hands and if so, how do you play them?

Five Hands
Five hands that are worth playing beyond the power ten hands in Texas Holdem are ATs, KJs, QJs, KTs, and 99. Many people like to put a pair of nines at the head of that list but far too often that hand gets you into trouble. Nines are a hand you want to raise with while the other suited hands do not always fall into that category. The reason you raise with a pair of 9’s before the flop is that they don’t play nearly as well after the flop. This group of hands is a good one but they are not great starting hands.

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Next Group
The next groupings of hands in are playable but you have to be cautious. The hands are AJ, KQ, QTs, A9s, JTs, AT and A8s. These hands can be played but do far better when you have position. The A9s and AT hands can get you in a lot of trouble if you play them as great hands. They are hands to see the flop with, not to get carried away with. They are good to see the flop with but that is all. If you miss the flop you have to get rid of them because they can easily be dominated. With many of these suited hands you are really looking to hit a flush. If you miss the flop it becomes too expensive to keep calling though looking for that draw. In Limit Texas Holdem you might be able to call but in No-Limit Texas Holdem you can pretty much forget about it.

When you consider hands beyond the top ten remember that the list is just a guide. All of the hands can be adjusted based on position, the players in your game, etc. What this list of hands does though is give you a good idea of hands to play beyond the power ten of aces, kings, etc. Evaluating the situation is critical to playing the hands listed above but they do have potential to win you a big pot when they hit.


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