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Play now!Is it just your imagination or is it everywhere you go and everyone you talk to have a bad beat story from their last round of playing poker? You hear players all the time whining about their aces or kings that got cracked. Are all of these really bad beats or are they bad play?

Not a Bad Beat

Some players consider any beat to be a bad beat. It is not true though. Most of the time bad beats should not really be considered bad at all. Most of the time the best hand wins and the drawing hand loses. For example, If you start with a pair of Queens and your opponent has a pair of Kings, you did not suffer a bad beat if you lose. The Kings had you beat right from the start and the hand was actually a big favorite. If you are holding an Ace-King and your opponent has a pair of 10’s, you did not run into a bad beat. The odds were only about 50-50 to begin with. Many people tell their bad beat stories when they were really not that bad. How many bad beats do you think you have inflicted on your opponents?

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True Bad Beat

Let’s take a look at a real bad beat that you could really whine about. For example, let’s say you have 9-10 of spades. That is not a bad starting hand, not great, but not bad either. You limp in and no one raises. The flop comes eight of Spades, Queen of Spades, and 4 of Diamonds. You now have a straight draw and a flush draw so you raise and are called by two opponents. The turn is the King of Spades and you are looking fantastic. You hit your flush and still have a straight flush possibility. You raise all-in and are called by one opponent. At this point there is really only one card that worries you and that is the Ace of Spades. Your opponent turns over 4 of Diamonds and 4 of Hearts, but no Ace of Spades. He has three fours but you have him beat with your flush. The river comes four of clubs. Now that is a bad beat. He gets four of a kind and beats your King high flush.

There are some bad beats that happen in poker but more often than not a bad beat was just another loss that wasn’t that bad at all.


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