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Play now!If you want to win money playing poker then you have to eliminate mistakes. You are not going to eliminate them all as no one is perfect but the more mistakes you eliminate the better player you will become. Let’s look at some mistakes that you simply have to get rid of to make money playing Texas Holdem.

Playing Too Many Hands
This mistake is still made today by many poker players. Forget what you see on television. You can’t play every hand and win money playing poker. You simply have to stop playing every hand. Take a look at that flop percentage stat you see at online poker sites. If you see players with a flop percentage of 50% or more they are usually a bad player. Most of the time the players that play a lot of hands are spewing chips at a high level. These online poker players have a habit of overplaying weak drawing hands such as low straights or flushes, and do so often when the pot odds are not favorable. Incredibly, such play is often like a virus that spreads to the other players at a table and before you know it the entire poker table will seem to be playing stupid poker. In these situations, the smart approach is to play smart and punish the table when you have a strong hand.

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Being Too Passive
This is going to sound like the opposite of the first mistake but it is not. If you just sit back and do nothing but wait for big hands you are not going to win money playing poker. You will get run over time and time again. What you want to do is be selectively aggressive. That means when you do into certain situations you bet. Gamblers that lose money in poker will play a lot of hands and then do nothing with them. They are called passive loose players and they lose more money than any other type of player in poker.

You are far better off forgetting about bluffing for the most part. In today’s world of aggressive poker there just is not much value in bluffing. Way too many players bluff far too often. It just doesn’t work enough to be effective with every player seemingly ready to call you down with weak hands. Yes, some elite players can get away with bluffing but most players at the poker table are not elite and they are bluffing way too often.

If you want to win more money playing poker then be selectively aggressive and keep your bluffs to a minimum.


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