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Play now!Have you ever asked yourself the question whether you are good at poker or just lucky?

Texas Holdem is a game that requires some skill but it is also a game where luck plays a factor. Sometimes players will go on big runs, not because they played well, but because they were lucky. What about you? Are you good or are you lucky?

The Luck Factor
In any given hand and on any given night, a player can win at Texas Holdem if they get lucky. And it is not as hard to do as you might think. New players that take up the game of Texas Holdem can win money even if they don’t play particularly well. The reason they can win is because they get lucky. Some players who think they are good can also get lucky and that is where the luck factor has to be examined. The problem is that luck can sometimes make you think you are better than you really are. Let’s look at an example to illustrate. Let's say you call from early position with A-4. You get five other callers into the pot and the flop comes 9-4-2. You have a pair of fours and everyone checks.  An ace comes on the turn giving you two pair and you bet and get called by two other players. The river comes with a 10 and you bet again with your two pair and get called.  You win the hand with your two pair against your opponent’s pair of Aces with Queen kicker.  You won this hand, but you were very lucky to win it. You should never have been playing A-4 from early position and you were dominated by the A-Q. You were lucky to win this hand but since you did win you feel that you played good.

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Examine Yourself
When you play Texas Holdem you have to understand luck but not get caught up in it. If you are going well you need to look at your skills and see whether or not you are actually playing well or just getting a lot of luck. And yes, there is a big different. If you are a good player then you understand the basics, the odds and you have skills beyond just looking at your own hand and can read other players. You have a good idea of when to bluff and when not to and you know that luck evens things out over the long haul. You are thankful for the good luck but you understand that it is your skills that will keep making you money when the luck runs out.


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