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Play now!We all love to look down and see Ace-King as our starting hand in Texas Holdem. Next to having pocket Aces or pocket Kings, Ace-King is a very powerful hand. When you have Ace-King you have a lot of options, one of which is playing aggressively.

Pre-flop Agression
The time to get aggressive with Ace-King is before the flop. You can push people around before the flop when you hold Ace-King because even if you get called there are only two hands in which you would be a big underdog (Aces and Kings). In every other situation you are either are in a strong position or you are in a coin flip. Make sure to be aggressive with Ace-King before the flop. You can continue that aggression after the flop if you connect.

Not a Made Hand
While Ace-King is a strong starting hand it is not a made hand. It is not a made hand before the flop. So many players forget this one simple fact. Sometimes players will overplay the Ace-King thinking it is Aces or Kings when it is not. Most of the time you are going to want to raise with big slick, but you have to be smart enough to get away from the hand when you don’t hit something. The main point of contention for players holding Ace-King in Texas Holdem is the play after the flop. So many players fall in love with the Ace-King that they can’t get away from the hand after the flop. If you raised before the flop but missed, you have to be prepared to get rid of the hand if you face any pressure after the flop. It can’t really be emphasized enough that big slick is not a made hand. It is a strong starting hand, but it is not the nuts unless it connects with something after the flop. So many times you see Texas Holdem poker on TV and even professional players get themselves in all kinds of trouble by because they don’t play big slick properly. Remember after the flop that if you are getting bet into it is fairly likely someone has connected and that means your Ace-King is no good.

Ace-King can be a very good hand if played properly. Play it aggressively before the flop and if you connect on the flop but be prepared to get away from the hand if you miss.


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