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Keno Online

Online Keno is a fun Lottery/Bingo like game that relies mainly on luck in which you select number combinations in order to win.

Playing the game involves a player selecting his number combinations from a total of eighty numbers. Most tickets are four to ten numbers. A selection made by the player is known as a spot. The number combinations are then submitted.

Twenty number-balls will be drawn for every game and if a player's spots or number combinations correspond to those that were drawn, he wins.

Online Keno games have different ticket prices. Some games offer tickets priced at 5 cents and some as high as $5. The payout for Keno game wins are in multiples of a player's ticket cost. People play Keno the same way they play the lottery and try to hit the big score.

Casino Bonus

The house edge in Keno is very high but the good news is that the jackpots are often lucrative and can make up for the high house edge if you are lucky enough to hit one. Playing Online Keno can definitely be exciting and enjoyable at online casinos.

Keno Online is an easy game that's very similar to playing your local lottery and easy to come up with a Video Keno strategy. The object of the game is to predict as many of the 20 numbers that are selected each round as possible as you learn how to play Keno and test Video Keno strategies. The computer selects these numbers randomly, and the player can choose to bet on anywhere between 1 and 10 numbers that he or she believes will come up in the free Online Keno games. When a player's number matches a number chosen at random by the computer, it's called a "Hit" in free Online Keno games. Other important determining factors in a Video Keno strategy include: how many numbers you select each game (between 1 and 10) and, of course, how many of these numbers become "Hits."

You begin a Keno Online game by designating the numbers you want on the Keno board in free Keno. You are usually given the option to have the computer choose a random 10 numbers for you, if you prefer as you learn how to play Keno. If you want to de-select a number, just click on it again for your Video Keno strategy. You'll see your potential payoff in one corner of the screen as you choose your numbers in Keno online. After you've decided how many numbers you wish to play for your Video Keno strategies click on the appropriate button and you'll see your potential payoff this time adjusting accordingly in the corner of your screen as you play Keno online.

After each game of Keno, you can see your results as you learn how to play Keno and test Video Keno strategies. You can click on each free Online Keno games to get detailed information on each game you play and track your Video Keno strategies in free Online Keno. To keep playing the same numbers in a new game or keep playing the same Video Keno strategy, click on "Repeat Bet" in free Online Keno.

How to Play Keno

Place your bet: Choose $1, $2, $5 or $10 as your wager amount in the online casino.

Player action: : Select the numbers on which you would like to wager in Online Keno for your best Keno numbers. You may select from one to twelve numbers at once for winning Keno action. The more numbers you select, the more you have to get correct in winning at Keno. However, more numbers means more money if you wagered on the correct numbers in the best Keno online. After you have determined your numbers, click on play and the 20 randomly generated numbers will start appearing on the layout in flash Keno.


How much you win is determined by how much you wager as you play Keno online, how many Keno numbers you selected and how many of your selected numbers actually hit according to Online Keno odds. On the right side of the screen you will see a box marked by "hit" and "pays" in free online Video Keno. This box will tell you many hits you must have to win the corresponding amount for Keno odds as you play Video Keno. Play Keno for fun and enjoy Video Keno whether it is free Video Keno or cash Keno play.

Game Rules

1. You may wager $1, $2, $5 or $10.

2. Select from one to twelve numbers per game.

3. Twenty numbers will be randomly selected by the Keno machine each game.

4. Maximum payout is $30,000 regardless of denomination or number of coins won.

5. Payoff is determined by how much you wager, how many Keno numbers you selected and how many of your selected numbers actually hit. The payoff table is on the right side of the screen.

6. In the event of unusual activity in the software or outside intervention all wagers will be placed under review for further determination.

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Play Keno

keno-iconMany people prefer to play Online Keno instead of in a land-based casino because the return rate is often higher and the game can be played at a relaxed pace. In Online Keno a player tries to correctly predict a certain amount of numbers pulled from the eighty Keno numbers.


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